Clinical Psychologist
Ed Conduit is a Chartered Psychologist with 40 years experience of therapy for anxiety, sadness, pain, relationship problems, assessment of PTSD and other effects of road traffic accidents. Author of "The Body Under Stress", published by Erlbaum (1995)


Personal Psychotherapy: Dynamic or Cognitive-Behavioural
Cognitive-Behavioural therapy is the preferred treatment if the problem is anxiety or sadness.
Dynamic therapy is appropriate if the problem is mainly in a close relationship
Many long-term physical illnesses can be managed by you, e.g a painful back, ambiguous chest pain

Clinical Psychologists have at least six years training and personal therapy.
The web-site address means Clinical Psychologists Organisation in the UK

Clinical Psychology Practice, 15-17 Lawn Avenue, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8-3UR.
Tel Mobile 07976-646291 . E-Mail :
Clinics in Stourbridge, Oldswinford, Wolverhampton; home visits by arrangement.

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