Author: Jessie Sims

What jobs make use of psychology

You now have your psychology degree and are looking for a job that will make use of what you have learned, what jobs can you apply for? 1. Clinical psychologist Clinical psychologists typically use their skills to assess impairment after an illness or injury and note affect on neurocognitive functioning. When you experience mental health

Remote Health Monitoring Using Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones, the Future of Health Monitoring The rise in number of chronically ill people has resulted in a massive burden on the long-term care industry to a point where these facilities will no longer become sustainable. Many of these patients do not necessarily need round-the-clock care but just round the clock monitoring and instead

What a smile can do for your well being

Smiling has more benefits than you might  imagine and should be encouraged, however in certain parts of the world such as the former Soviet Union, smiling can be seen as suspicious or a sign of dishonesty. However in most parts of the world smiling is a positive and as many benefits. Smiling can improve your

Massage Treatments To Reduce Stress

Massage Treatments for Reducing Stress Stress can occur inside your muscles after an injury or over-exercising, leading to a build-up of tension that causes pain. Stress can also be experienced mentally due to lack of movement, or injury. While a small amount of stress is harmless, a lot of stress causes pain, phobia of returning

Psychology In Reducing Stress

Psychology In Reducing Stress What causes stress? In short, the answer is mindset and environment. Stress is a daily feature of life for everyone, especially in this day and age. Pressure in daily life, to achieve goals, complete work and get bills paid. But when stress gets to a certain level, it is potentially harmful