Author: Lara Barlow

What is microsuction in London

Ear Wax Removal in London Earwax is also known as cerumen. It is a substance that is brown/yellowish in colour and produced in the ear canal. There are two distinct types of earwax; the dry-type and the wet-type. This is majorly determined by an individual’s genetic makeup. Ear wax consists of: Dust, debris & foreign

What is Permanent Makeup?

Want to look beautiful 24/7, with zero effort? Women all over the world have already discovered the wonders of permanent makeup. Permanent beauty starts here! Well…maybe the “permanent” moniker is a bit misleading. According to Emilia Berry, owner and founder of Permaline Cosmetics in New York City, the term “semi-permanent” is more accurate, considering that it

Craft Beer Comes to Sacramento

Whether you end your day with an ice cold Corona or reach for a bourbon barrel-aged stout, if you’ve cracked a beer anytime in the last several years, you’ve probably noticed a surge in the number of alternatives to macrobrews—those big commercial brewery beers like Corona, Bud, Miller Lite, etc. These alternatives make up a