Massage Treatments To Reduce Stress

Massage Treatments for Reducing Stress

Stress can occur inside your muscles after an injury or over-exercising, leading to a build-up of tension that causes pain. Stress can also be experienced mentally due to lack of movement, or injury. While a small amount of stress is harmless, a lot of stress causes pain, phobia of returning to sport and lack of confidence. Massage therapists can reduce stress through massage and improve your overall mood.

Types of Massage That Can Reduce Stress

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage concentrates on the deep layers of soft tissues. A deep tissue massage releases tension by spreading and stretching muscle tissues and fibres enabling the muscles to relax and loosen. The loosened muscles increase movement, reduce pain and stress.

Swedish Massage

The primary focus of a Swedish massage is to help you to relax both mentally and physically by manipulation your muscles. This manipulation of muscles makes them to stretch and relax and to get rid of any tension or tightness, to reduce physical the stress. Tightness and tension is a source of pain, which increases the levels of mental stress.

Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage is done by applying gentle pressure throughout the areas that contain soft tissues. The primary objective of this kind of massage is to help you relax. When relaxation is reduced, the levels of stress increase and cause a build-up of tension, muscular knots and anxiety. A therapeutic massage also helps to enhance localised blood flow. Proper blood flow is necessary because the blood carries positive hormones endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The positive hormones improve your well-being, minimise stress, and increase relaxation. When your blood flow is efficient, it helps to increase tissue elasticity by rising the muscle temperature. Better tissue elasticity can reduce tension and stop muscular knots from developing. It is this prevention of tension and muscular knots that eventually reduces stress.

Techniques Are Used To Reduce Stress

Deep Strokes

Deep strokes are done using a firm pressure to reach deep into the muscle tissues. Most of the time muscle stress comes from deep-lying tissues and also the superficial tissues. However, the stress located deep within the muscle tissues causes severe pain and constrained movement. Deep strokes will rise the muscle temperature and enhance tissue elasticity. If you increase tissue elasticity and loosen the muscles, you will have less stress and tension.

Trigger Pointing

A trigger point is located in the middle of a muscle fibre. Trigger points usually get build-up stress and tension that creates muscle knots. This tension causes a lot of pain, headaches and mental stress. Fingers and thumbs are placed in a trigger pointing position to apply adequate pressure. As you apply the pressure, an ischemic reaction takes place. This is where blood flow I limited to and increases when immediately the pressure is released. Before releasing the pressure, the area will start to soften and have a numbing sensation. Holding and releasing the area will alternate the numbing effect according to your preference. This softening and numbing reduces pain and relieves both physical and mental stress.

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