Overcoming Frustration in Learning: This Is How Parents Can Help Their Children

Overcoming frustration: this is how parents can help their children

Stress and the wrong learning conditions make learning difficult for children – frustration builds up. The right learning concepts can help to overcome this “learning frustration” and create joy in everyday learning again.

Finally overcome learning frustration: Tips on how parents can help

Tip 1: look for synonyms

The word “learning” often has a negative connotation and is associated with pressure to perform and compulsion. Therefore, try to use other words in everyday life, “discover” or “experience” for example – that sounds less factual, has a motivating effect, and is not a deterrent.

Tip 2: Self-determination – children want to learn

Especially with small children you can observe that they question everything with great curiosity. With increasing age, however, children no longer learn because they want to, but because the school teacher or their private tutor wants them to do so. Instead of pushing your child to learn, let them choose what, when, and how to learn. Because depending on the biorhythm, children learn differently at different times and effectively. It is important that you make a plan and meet deadlines. Even if this requires a high level of trust, the chance that learning frustration will arise is much lower. Even if your child falls on their face and brings home a bad grade, they will learn from it and develop more independence.

Tip 3: it’s all about the environment

The place where your child does their schoolwork should be designed so that they are comfortable and not distracted by anything. A spacious desk in a bright place and a comfortable chair ensure that your child gets to work with a good feeling. Some children can learn best in the fresh air – okay too.

Tip 4: learning with purpose

Many children do not even know why or what they are studying. Therefore they lack the incentive to internalize the school material. Dealing with a task that seems pointless is frustrating. In order to overcome this learning frustration, it is important to explain the connection between learning and life to school children and thus to awaken their motivation to learn. If your child has a dream job, explain to them why certain subjects are important for it. In addition, you can use small exercises in everyday life to convey the meaning behind school topics, for example calculating quantities when baking cakes or translating texts while listening to the radio.

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