Stop dairy and eggs – How should that be and why?

There are several reasons not to eat dairy and/or eggs, for example, an allergy, vegan food, or because you do not like it. But really removing all dairy from your diet can sometimes be tricky. After all, in many processed products, a form of dairy or egg is still being processed, for example in powder form. So what are some reasons for not eating dairy and/or eggs, and how can you best deal with that. Best Green Super Power

Reasons for becoming dairy-free

If you are allergic to lactose or something else in dairy, you better not eat dairy. In some people, the allergy is less severe than in others, and so some people can tolerate small amounts of dairy, and others do nothing at all. So make sure you know to what extent your dairy can or can not handle it so that you can take it into account. You may also be hypersensitive to dairy, but not allergic. This means that you have no typical allergy symptoms, but that after eating dairy, for example, you may suffer from stomach pain. Also find out if you are allergic or hypersensitive only to cow’s milk, for example, or whether it also applies to goat’s and sheep’s milk.

Another reason for not eating dairy and eggs is if you are or want to become a vegan. Vegans do not use animal products, not as food, but also not for utensils (think of leather shoes or wool sweaters). This also means that you do not eat dairy and no eggs. Vegan food is almost the best you can do today for a better environment because livestock farming is the biggest cause of environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. It is also more animal-friendly to eat vegan because most animals in livestock do not have pleasant lives. You may think that you do not contribute to animal suffering if you do not eat meat, but the animals that are bred for milk and eggs are also brought to slaughter and are not always treated as well.

Vegan food can also be very healthy, but you have to be extra careful to ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Vegans are advised to take vitamin B12 because this is very difficult to obtain from a pure vegetable diet.

Read good labels

If you do not eat dairy and eggs, you know that you should not buy milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs. But there are also a lot of products that contain dairy products that you might not expect. For example, there is whey powder in many types of chips, and this is made from milk. Depending on how strict you are with dairy food you will have to learn to read labels of foods properly. Only things that you can find on labels that are derived from milk include lactose, casein, caseinate, whey powder, whey, curd, and everything that contains the word milk.

Eggs are in most biscuits (one type of oreo is vegan). Egg or egg powder is also available in many ready-to-eat meals. And whey powder is also found in many foods that you might not expect, for example in chips, sauces, soups, vega burgers, and much more. So be very careful. In the beginning, it will be difficult to always have to read all labels in the supermarket, but after a while, you will learn exactly what you can and can not eat and shopping will go faster and faster.

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