What a smile can do for your well being

Smiling has more benefits than you might  imagine and should be encouraged, however in certain parts of the world such as the former Soviet Union, smiling can be seen as suspicious or a sign of dishonesty.

smile benifits

However in most parts of the world smiling is a positive and as many benefits.

Smiling can improve your mood as well as your health. When you smile and laugh your body releases endorphins which help with pain and stress relief.

Stress is linked to a number of health problems which includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Therefore a smile has a very positive effect on your health. It is not just your health that smiling helps with smiling can also put people at ease and can indicate confidence and your ability to cope well with stressful situations, which can also benefit your career.

If you are worried about how your teeth look when you smile you can consult your dentist who will be able to help you with teeth whitening or teeth straightening if required. There are now many advanced treatments that can give you the perfect smile such as invisalign braces which are completely removable with no wires or tightening. The invisalign system has now helped over 5 million people get the smile they dreamed of. For further information on this process consult your dentist. Try the British Dental Association