What jobs make use of psychology

You now have your psychology degree and are looking for a job that will make use of what you have learned, what jobs can you apply for?

1. Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologists typically use their skills to assess impairment after an illness or injury and note affect on neurocognitive functioning.
When you experience mental health difficulties it is usually because the mind is travelling back in time and imagining and creating anxiety which provokes us in the present or future.
Clinical psychologists aim should be to help you focus on what is important to you and keep you focused on the present and not get wrapped up in unhelpful thoughts.

2. Educational psychologists

Educational psychologists usually work with local authorities and in partnership with families and other professionals to help children reach their full potential.They do this by educational psychology assessment which can be performed using a number of different activities to help identify a child’s specific learning style, strengths and any areas that need attention. They often provide advice to schools on how they may help children to learn and develop.

3. Counseling psychologist

A counseling psychologist will work with patients that have mental and emotional behavioral problems. They will discuss these issues with clients to try and resolve them. They can work in a wide range of fields such as; depression, low self esteem or stress and anxiety. They can also cover relationship difficulties as well as sexuality and gender identity issues. Many counseling psychologists may specialize in one particular area which interest them.

4. Forensic psychologist

Forensic psychology involves using psychology theory to investigate crime and its associated criminal behavior, and the treatment of those who have committed offences. Forensic psychologists also work in a wide area of activities which can include assisting courts in the completion of assessments that explore risks of individuals to the general public. They will often also work with victims of crime to aid in their recovery.
Forensic psychologists also perform both quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate therapy and treatments of offenders.

Day in the Life: Clinical Psychologist

How did you know that being a Clinical Psychologist is what you wanted to do?